Welcome to KABAKA.  We are a literary magazine published quarterly and we want to publish works in the form of poetry, fiction, visual arts, photography, videos, non-fiction: interviews, reviews,  memoir pieces and essays. As a magazine that looks forward to be home for LGBTQI voices in Africa, we want works that interrogate what  it means to be queer and African.  We do not mind if you live on the continent or in diaspora. We are looking for works that say we are queer and we are here. We want works that talk about seeing the rain in a new city,  that talk about taking a walk under a dark sky, that talk about the eyes of a lover, that talk about everything queer and human. We are looking for beauty, for works that shock and say we are alive or dead. Welcome home.


We read submission during the following period.

Issue #1: October 1st to December 12th

We are currently reading for issue #1



  1. We accept only electronic submissions via
  2. Please include a short biography in your submission
  3. Your Subject should include the genre you are submitting to and your name
  4. Anyone who wishes to publish under a pseudonym is welcomed and their identity will be protected
  5. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as you immediately notify KABAKA that it has been accepted elsewhere.
  6. All genres should be forwarded as attachments
  7. We are interested in original, unpublished pieces
  8. We are aware that there are thousands of languages on the continent and we accept translations,  only if we have the rights to publish.
  9. Should your work be published in a collection at some later date, we’d appreciate the standard acknowledgment.
  10. If published by KABAKA, please wait for six months before making another submission.



FICTION: We accept fiction of all forms and length.

NONFICTION: We are interested in nonfiction pieces. We accept nonfiction of all forms and length.

POETRY: Please send not more than five (5) poems or a long poem per submission. We are biased towards poems that interrogates the queer experience but we will be happy to read any poem you send to us.

VISUAL ARTS: KABAKA publishes pictures/graphic pictures and artworks that tells a wide range of timely critical, artistic, and cultural issues. Photos, paintings, digital art, illustrations and cartoons portfolios should be sent in collections of 4-10, as a PDF, JPG. or PNG attachments.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime via

We look forward to hearing from you. Welcome Home.