I have always believed that our stories need to be told, that we need to create platforms through which we can curate and shape these stories, especially when there are very few literary journals willing to publish our stories on the continent except if we’ve won or been shortlisted for a major award.

Brittle Paper has been at the fore of publishing works from queer writers but Chinelo Okparanta once said “we need many voices to tell our stories”. It is my belief that as we publish both established and emerging writers and artists, Kabaka Magazine will help introduce more queer voices into the African Literary Space. That by doing so, we will see that our stories are not just of survival and sex, but also of living, of loving, of existing outside the boundaries that are constantly created by our societies to keep us unseen and unable to express our emotions, that we are capable of seeing the world in various ways and that if we begin our stories from survival it is because across the continent our bodies are not safe and that we must find a language to write into existence what have been done to us. It is also my belief that Kabaka Magazine will not only introduce new voices into the conversations but it will also inspire others to create spaces across the continent on a regular basis for queer voices. We are legion, and our various stories need to be told on a continent that we know as home.

I am pleased to present our first issue.


Romeo Oriogun

Managing Editor, Kabaka Magazine.